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Lena Paul Homemade

The winner of the challenge, Hubbard Hall, reduced its energy consumption by almost 30 percent and water usage by 8 percent, and won $300 for its dorm fund and a homemade trophy to show off. Then they used some of the money from the energy savings for a pizza party, T-shirts and environmental causes of their choosing. Overall, the contest saved $18,000 in energy and water costs; the students plan to repeat it in the spring. The challenge was designed to engage students in sustainability efforts, according to Sara Cleaves, associate director at the Office of Sustainability. Along with Matthew O'Keefe '97 at the Energy Office, Cleaves coordinates the UNH Energy Task Force, formed in 2005 to promote a campuswide effort to reduce energy costs and emissions at UNH.

lena paul homemade

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