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Final Fight MD (Mega Drive - MD Play)

The Final Fight is the eighth and true final Zone of Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island for the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Saturn, coming after Panic Puppet Zone. The entire Zone is a single Act with just a boss battle against Dr. Eggman's final weapon, a multi-capable robot which has many ways to attack Sonic. This boss requires 10 hits to defeat, making it the longest and most challenging boss in the game. This Zone is only accessible if the player finishes the game with all seven Chaos Emeralds.

Final Fight MD (Mega Drive - MD Play)

This boss fight is split into 2 rounds consisting of 5 phases. In each phase, the player must first avoid Eggman's assault, then jump on his head as he briefly moves into the platform. If the player successfully lands a hit, Eggman will retreat, and they can continue to the next phase. If they miss this window to attack, the phase will repeat. When the path to the next phase appears, the player only has a limited amount of time to reach the next phase - if they take too long, the floor will be electrified, instantly killing Sonic even if he has Rings.

@TheBigK If you've played Fire Emblem Echoes, Shining Force is very similar. Like the weapons work the same without the FE durability system, the spells system are very similar where characters have a set of personal spells rather than tomes. You fight a lot of monsters rather than all human enemies.

So happy to see that Alisia Dragoon is in the top 10. Absolutely lovely and gorgeous game with great gameplay and an outstanding soundtrack. It is hard but if you search for all of the hidden power ups for Alisia and her creatures it does help a lot. It's really satisfying when you defeat the final boss and are treated to the wonderful rendition of Alisia's Theme for the credits.

The game is comprised of six vertically-scrolling stages. The graphics are decent and its soundtrack ranks slightly above average. There are three weapon types, missiles and shield power ups, nothing too extravagant. The one issue with the game that can cause frustration is inconsistent difficulty and a few cheap shots that will be thrown at you. For example, in some levels of the game enemies will spawn behind you with no warning, killing any player hugging the bottom of the screen. Some levels are simple and can be beaten on the first try while others may take a few attempts. The part that really amps the difficulty, of course, is the end boss. On its last incarnation the final enemy goes into nightmare mode and becomes a series of eyes shooting non-stop heat-seeking fire and fast moving lasers that can hit almost every inch of the screen. The game does not allow you to continue where you died, but instead at mid-points in the level; the final boss is no exception.

Vapor Trail began as an arcade game by Data East and was ported to the Genesis/Mega Drive by Telenet Japan. Renovation saw fit to bring the title stateside. The console port is faithful to the arcade; the game itself is a vertical shooter that puts the player in the cockpit of one of three different fighter planes. 041b061a72




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