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We see little evidence that small, VC-backed companies are being acquired at a dramatically higher rate than big, VC-backed companies. However, the exits of these small companies, which typically traded at multiple-times-adjusted free cash flows of up to 10 times, do reflect the increasing importance of cash flows to deal size in the software sector.

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Back to the list of he traits for successful PE and VC deals, size is again a key consideration. We look for software companies with clear revenue growth patterns and a value that enables them to continue to benefit from the market opportunity over time. Small cap software companies may not always have larger follow-up rounds of financing. However, those who are growing fast can still have the strongest dynamics, as the growth can be very quick. The other key aspect to look for is an upper limit on the downside. If the company has been trading for years as a small cap stock and is now trading close to the value of the company, we will not be interested in it.

In many cases, PE firms will acquire software companies that are still at an early stage of development. In the sample we studied, acquisitions were consistently made at the late-stages of a companys product development. Acquisitions made after the third or fourth product release typically involved companies with revenues as low as $10 million, about 10% of the median in our sample. This means that the majority of PE firms exiting the market after 2016 will invest in firms with relatively small and consistent product markets. A PE firm exits the market once it either sells a company or decides to withdraw from a market.


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