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Rakim, The Master Full Album Zip

Rakim, The Master Full Album Zip: A Review of the Legendary Rapper's Second Solo Album

Rakim is widely regarded as one of the greatest MCs of all time, and his influence on hip-hop culture and lyricism is undeniable. His second solo album, The Master, released in 1999, showcases his skills and versatility as a rapper, as well as his production and executive abilities. The album features guest appearances from DJ Premier, Clark Kent, Jaz-O, Rahzel, and others, and contains some of Rakim's most memorable tracks, such as "When I B on Tha Mic", "It's the R", and "Waiting for the World to End". In this article, we will review The Master and explore why it is a classic hip-hop album that deserves your attention.


The Master: An Overview

The Master is the follow-up to Rakim's debut solo album, The 18th Letter, which was released in 1997. The album was recorded between 1998 and 1999, and was released on November 30, 1999, by Universal Records. The album consists of 17 tracks, with a total length of 1:02:07. The album was produced by Rakim himself, along with DJ Clark Kent, DJ Premier, The 45 King, Amen-Ra, V.I.C., Jaz-O, Naughty Shorts, Punch, TR Love, and Nick Wiz. The album features samples from various artists, such as Latimore, Steel Pulse, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, The Emotions, and more. The album also features interludes that showcase Rakim's views on the state of hip-hop and his origins in Long Island.

The album received generally positive to mixed reviews from music critics. Some praised Rakim's lyrical prowess and flow, while others criticized the production and the lack of innovation. The album peaked at number 72 on the Billboard 200 chart, and number 21 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The album sold over 500,000 copies in the United States, earning a gold certification from the RIAA. The album spawned two singles: "When I B on Tha Mic" and "It's a Must". The former was a moderate hit, reaching number 65 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number 23 on the Hot Rap Songs chart. The latter did not chart.

The Master: A Track-by-Track Analysis

Here is a brief analysis of each track on The Master:

  • Intro (The Master): The album opens with a short intro that features Rakim introducing himself as "the master" and declaring his dominance over the rap game. He also pays homage to his former partner Eric B., who he parted ways with in 1993.

  • Flow Forever: The first song on the album showcases Rakim's smooth and effortless flow over a jazzy beat produced by DJ Clark Kent. Rakim raps about his longevity and legacy in hip-hop, and how he can rap on any beat and topic.

  • When I B on Tha Mic: The lead single from the album is a classic Rakim track that features him delivering intricate rhymes over a soulful beat produced by DJ Premier. The song samples "What the World Needs Now Is Love" by The Artistics, among other songs. Rakim raps about his skills and reputation as a rapper, and how he captivates the audience when he is on the mic.

  • Finest Ones: The second song produced by DJ Clark Kent features Rakim rapping about his attraction to women over a funky beat that samples "We Belong Together" by The Spinners. Rakim uses clever wordplay and metaphors to describe his romantic encounters with various women.

  • All Night Long: The third song produced by Punch features Rakim rapping about his stamina and endurance in bed over a sensual beat that samples "All Night Long" by Mary Jane Girls. Rakim uses explicit language and imagery to depict his sexual prowess.

  • State of Hip-Hop: The first interlude on the album features Rakim giving his opinion on the current state of hip-hop culture and music. He criticizes the lack of originality and creativity among some rappers, and praises those who keep it real and authentic.

  • Uplift: The fourth song produced by Amen-Ra and V.I.C. features Rakim rapping about his positive and inspirational message to the listeners over a upbeat beat that samples "Uplift" by The Blackbyrds. Rakim raps about his personal struggles and achievements, and how he overcame them with his faith and determination. He also encourages the listeners to follow their dreams and goals, and to uplift themselves and others.

  • I Know: The fifth song produced by TR Love features Rakim rapping about his knowledge and wisdom over a reggae-influenced beat that samples "Steppin' Out" by Steel Pulse. Rakim raps about his spiritual and philosophical insights, and how he knows the truth about life and the universe.

  • It's the R: The second single from the album is a catchy and energetic track that features Rakim rapping about his identity and style over a hard-hitting beat produced by DJ Clark Kent. The song samples "Mother's Son" by Curtis Mayfield, among other songs. Rakim raps about his rap name and its meaning, and how he represents the essence of hip-hop.

  • I'll Be There: The sixth song produced by Naughty Shorts features Rakim rapping about his loyalty and commitment to his woman over a smooth beat that samples "I'll Be Around" by The Spinners. Rakim raps about how he will always be there for his woman, no matter what happens.

  • It's a Must: The seventh song produced by Jaz-O features Rakim rapping with human beatbox Rahzel over a minimalist beat that showcases their vocal skills. Rakim raps about how it is a must for him to rap, and how he can rap on any beat and tempo.

  • Real Shit: The eighth song produced by Amen-Ra and V.I.C. features Rakim rapping about his authenticity and credibility over a dark and gritty beat that samples "Real Shit" by Mobb Deep. Rakim raps about how he keeps it real and raw in his lyrics, and how he does not compromise or conform to anyone.

  • How I Get Down: The ninth song produced by The 45 King features Rakim rapping about his rap style and technique over a funky beat that samples "How I Get Down" by Brand Nubian. Rakim raps about how he gets down on the mic, and how he uses complex rhymes and flows to impress the listeners.

  • L.I.: The second interlude on the album features Rakim giving a shout-out to his hometown of Long Island, New York. He mentions some of the places and people that influenced him, such as Wyandanch, Roosevelt, Hempstead, Eric B., Public Enemy, EPMD, De La Soul, Biz Markie, etc.

  • Strong Island: The tenth song produced by Rakim himself features him rapping about his pride and love for Long Island over a nostalgic beat that samples "Eric B. Is President" by Eric B. & Rakim. Rakim raps about how Long Island shaped him as a person and a rapper, and how he represents it wherever he goes.

  • Waiting for the World to End: The eleventh song produced by DJ Premier features Rakim rapping about the state of the world and humanity over a melancholic beat that samples "Waiting for the World to End" by The Doors. Rakim raps about the various problems and issues that plague the world, such as war, violence, poverty, corruption, racism, etc. He also expresses his hope for a better future, and his faith in God.

  • We'll Never Stop: The final song on the album features Rakim rapping with singer Connie McKendrick over a uplifting beat produced by Nick Wiz. Rakim raps about his passion and dedication for hip-hop, and how he will never stop making music. He also thanks his fans and supporters for their love and appreciation.

The Master: A Conclusion

The Master is a solid album that showcases Rakim's mastery of the art of rap. It is not a groundbreaking or innovative album, but it is a testament to Rakim's consistency and skill as a rapper. The album has some flaws, such as some dated production and some filler tracks, but it also has some gems, such as "When I B on Tha Mic", "It's the R", "Waiting for the World to End", etc. The album is a must-listen for any fan of hip-hop, especially those who appreciate lyrical rap. The Master is not only an album title, but also an accurate description of Rakim himself.

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The Master: A Comparison with Other Rakim Albums

Rakim has a discography that spans over three decades, and includes four albums with Eric B. and four solo albums. How does The Master compare with his other works? Here is a brief overview of Rakim's albums and how they rank in terms of quality and impact:

  • Paid in Full: The debut album by Eric B. & Rakim, released in 1987, is widely considered as one of the greatest and most influential hip-hop albums of all time. The album features Rakim's groundbreaking and innovative rap style, which introduced complex rhyme schemes, internal rhymes, multisyllabic rhymes, and metaphors to hip-hop. The album also features Eric B.'s masterful DJing and sampling skills, which created a distinctive and timeless sound. The album contains some of the most iconic hip-hop songs, such as "Paid in Full", "I Ain't No Joke", "Eric B. Is President", "I Know You Got Soul", etc. The album is a masterpiece that set the standard for hip-hop music and culture.

The 18th Letter: The debut solo album by Rakim, released in 1997, is a comeback album that proved Rakim's relevance and dominance in the rap game after a five-year hiatus. The album features Rakim's mature and refined rap style, which showcases his lyrical skills and wisdom over various topics, s




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