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Best Place To Buy Chicken Breast In Bulk

For optimum quality and taste, whole frozen chicken can be kept in the freezer for up to 12 months, with individual parts (like legs or breasts) good for nine months. But as long as the chicken has been kept frozen continuously, it will still be safe to eat. However, the texture and taste of the chicken will continue to deteriorate beyond those recommended times.

best place to buy chicken breast in bulk

Fill the freezer and always have our premium no-antibiotics-ever, boneless, skinless chicken breasts on hand to cook up healthy and delicious lunches and dinners! Chicken comes pre-proportioned in three pouches, one to two chicken breasts per pouch, so you can defrost and use protein as you need. This bundle is a great way to try Perdue Farms home delivery for yourself and makes a great gift for friends and family. By far our most popular cut and a favorite of adults and kids alike, chicken breasts are bundled in bulk so we can offer FREE SHIPPING!

Easy to prepare, nutritious, and delicious, use our Boneless Chicken Breast Case (40lb) to make your favorite salads, soups, soul food classics, and many other recipes. This jumbo-size chicken breast case is an excellent source of lean protein. Stock away the deliciousness and lock in the great value now!

I do miss the convenience of bulk meat purchasing. We use to use Zaycon, but stopped before they closed their doors because we found some of the chicken breasts in every order had an odd grainy & tough texture. Soon there after we started having the same problem with grocery store chicken breasts, from a couple of different stores. Now we use a local butcher that slaughters the animals themselves. Price isn't significantly higher than most other places, but the quality has always been spot on and I know the chickens were slaughtered that day.

This Nationwide Farm Fresh Chicken Breast Deal is available again to be able to get chicken in bulk for an amazing price. We get to tell you about this a few of times per year because this chicken is ordered online through farm fresh from a local farm and delivered to your area fresh (never frozen). It is a meat co-op that cuts out the middle-man and brings the meat from farm to you. Because it is done this way, it is only available a few times per year. June is the next available opportunity to pick-up the fresh chicken, so you need to order soon to cash in on this meat co-op offering for your area.

This chicken is sold via Zaycon Foods which is a nationwide company that provides fresh chicken, beef, pork and seafood to families at an affordable price. Zaycon cuts out the middle-man of the grocery store, which means a 30-50% savings on all the different selections of meat they have. It is basically a meat co-op and they can get these amazing prices because you are ordering in advance and the bulk orders drive the prices of the meat down! Their meat is higher quality and in some cases a natural option. They only have meat offerings at certain times of the year and for a certain type of meat. The last natural chicken breast sale was last fall. You do not know how often or when they will have these sales.

The way that this works is that you place your order for bulk chicken online several weeks in advance. Then you will pick up your order from a local pick-up site as they are delivered to the area fresh in a cold truck. The chicken comes right from the processor and is not frozen beforehand, so it is super fresh. The pick-up spot is usually within a few minute drive of your home and they are in a parking lot of a private business/organization (like a church parking lot) and the pick-up time for your area will be on a certain date and a small window of time (usually 30 minutes) on that day.

Just as we have mentioned many times in our classes, we rarely buy meat at the store. Between our beef supply from a local farmer or the ground beef from Zaycon, and these opportunities to buy chicken in bulk, we are set for most meals. Most all of our weekly budget goes to the fresh produce and dairy and small portion to the coupon items that we use!

Apparently you do not have a walk-in freezer or several 23 cu. Ft. freezers as $1.89 is way far too high a price to pay for antibiotic-free boneless and skinless chicken breast. For those of you that do not as much freezer space or a generator(with a backup underground tank >holding 12000, no typo, I just did say 12000 pounds of fuel. I do like a good sale, and if I have the storage space then I am going to buy in very big quantities

I pay around 79-99 cents a pound in 40 Lb containers for Antibiotic-free Boneless and Skinless Chicken Breast, however if you buy as I do around two months b4 Thanksgiving the price goes down significantly to around 49 cents a pound. They, the places that I get from all have one thing in common, they REQUIRE you to have good credit as unlike the beer companies which require you to pay at the time of delivery these food distributors BILL YOU for your purchases. They will not sell you if they feel you are not going to be a continual customer. That is why I try buy the best and biggest deal amount in my purchasing 7x a year.

And if you have been with us long, you will know that one of the "favorited" items is the 40lb case of boneless, skinless, natural, free-range chicken breast (free of steroids, antibiotics and no added hormones).

However, It is important to us that you get chicken that is as close a backyard experience as possible and thus we bring it in in the bulk packaging with minimal processing, saving you the most money and giving you a chance to finish the processing yourself and package how you would like (canned, frozen, freezer meals, cooked, shredded, diced, whatever your fancy).

THIS minimally processed chicken is hand trimmed from start to the minimum finish. That means that the skin and bones have been removed, but the breasts are still butterflied (what's that?!? We will get to that next) and may still have some cartilage and minimum bones (they try to remove all) and some fats still attached. So you have to do the deeper trimming.

Well, in case you didn't know...chickens have 2 breasts ? and there is a breast bone that connects them, and they will cut that out during the first level minimal processing stage, but it still leaves them butterflied with a softer cartilage strip connecting them. I personally cut out that center cartilage and cut them apart at the same time. Some people will freeze and cook them with that together still.

For years, I could not even handle a raw whole chicken. It would gross me out so badly. I could barely handle breasts. But when I started buying fresh from the source, I realized it was such a much better quality and it saved me so much money, so I have dealt with it since and find this is much better to put this on a plate in the end.

They take your box of fresh chicken into our USDA certified meat cutting room and will trim it, split the breasts, cut out cartilage and more fats and vacuum seal it in a 2-breast pack so you end up with about 22 packs of 2-breast packs. They will then deep freeze it and when you get it, all you have to do is put it in your freezer!

Bag #3: I bag 4 bags of 3 breasts/bag. I think maybe only my husband would eat a full breast, the other two we can all split. I cut the rest of the chicken into pieces, like those in #1.

Nice article. We buy from Zaycon too. We are a family of six and it saves us so much money. Last order we got 160lbs of chicken breasts. I cut a bunch into cubes. The rest I keep as breasts, but I cut them horizontally into two equal breasts. Then I save all the scrap pieces that get cut funky and can those.

We all know that buying in bulk has an advantage as it save us pennies on your food budget in the long run. If you purchase 5 pounds of fresh chicken breasts on sale at the store and then throw it in the freezer in the packaging that it came in, your chicken is going to be exposed to oxygen and get freezer burn... then your fresh chicken breast that you purchased on sale isn't going to be so fresh anymore after a few months in the freezer. Thus, going bad and creating food waste.

The great thing about vacuum sealing your food is that once the oxygen is removed from the bag and sealed, the bag is a barrier and shield to prevent oxygen and moisture from seeping back into your food. This will keep your food fresh as the day it was purchased and make it last up to 5 times longer. So you can safely say, your chicken breasts will be good in your freezer for about 2 years.

Buy wholesale chicken breasts online at an unbeatable price. These prime bulk buy chicken breasts have a succulent taste all of their own. Bred for longer to create a bigger bird and breast our chicken breasts are high in protein and low in fat , giving you diverse dining options.

If you're dicing chicken breasts use a sharp knife and cut across the breast and grain sideways, not length ways, as it will ensure more moisture is retained during cooking, giving a juicier tastier breast.

There are many good reasons to purchase chicken in bulk. You can stock up when you find a good deal and freeze the chicken for later use. Maybe you just need to make a bulk purchase to cook a large meal for an event. If you are buying chicken in bulk, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure you are really getting a good deal. Here are some tips for buying chicken in bulk to help you choose on quality poultry.

When buying in bulk, you want to keep in mind the size of the chicken pieces, particularly if you are buying chicken breasts. If you are portioning them and freezing for a later date, it will not matter much. However, if you plan to use it right away, consider the size of each breast in the package. If they vary in size, they will not cook evenly, so you may have to do some extra prep work so that they all get done at the same time. 041b061a72


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