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Hair Cuts Women Heart Shaped Face

Yes! Go for wispy, effortless layers to add balance and maintain height at the crown to shortening your face."}},"@type": "Question","name": "What kind of bangs look good with a heart-shaped face?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Long side bangs that have layers work well with heart-shaped faces and offers balance to narrower jawlines."]}]}] CONFIDENCE, COMMUNITY, AND JOY

hair cuts women heart shaped face

Hairstyles for heart-shaped faces are cut to flatter the features of a heart-shaped face like a pointy chin, a wider forehead, and sharp cheekbones. Bangs are the number one go-to style for heart-shaped faces, as bangs cover that extra area on the forehead and balance the width of the face. Blunt bangs and long, piecey bangs top the list of recommended hairstyles for this face shape.

Celebrities who have heart-shaped faces include actress Reese Witherspoon, Halle Berry, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. If you are looking for flattering cuts for the shape of your heart face, the goal will be to create length, add fullness to the chin area, and avoid creating any more width on the forehead by adding bangs to your face.

This layered bob for a heart-faced woman seems common to also call a textured bob. The frame of it sits below the chin, but the long bangs sweep across just below the lips to break up any solid face-framing lines.

For styling, I recommend you blow-dry with a Denman or paddle to get dry then do half twists with a curling iron or wand. Take a section and put the wand in the midshaft. Only do one revolution, leaving out the ends for a softer more natural style. This works for all women due to the perimeter being just below the chin or longer and that soft break of bangs between cheeks and chin. It flatters all face shapes, but works best on heart-shaped face women.

A smart effective trick to maintain a fashion color like platinum, which is usually hard to maintain and lasts only for a short time, is to chop your hair into a long pixie cut. Now, feel free to opt for bangs that sweep to the side for an added edge. The longer side creates an illusion of an asymmetrical cut to suit your heart-shaped face.

For a heart-shaped face, consider a blonde bob with a side parting. A deep side part will help emphasize the cheekbones and the length at the chin will soften the jawline. Tousled locks give your hair movement and body for an easy-breezy look.

This long, side-swept hair gives a polished effortless style, and the side bangs personalize the fringe trend to fit the heart face shape. Hair is personal and every trend can be tweaked to fit an individual. A side fringe brought balance to this heart-shaped face while accentuating the killer cheekbones.

You can easily air-dry your hair overnight and curl it the next morning. In the salon, this style is achieved in 35 minutes from wet to finished. Bangs should always be blow-dried, especially if you have any cowlicks that will affect the style. A Denman brush is great for controlling fringe as you blow-dry and a round brush can create volume and more movement on the ends if desired. A curling iron with a clamp can create multiple textures for any type of style. Always pay attention to the temperature setting and keep up with your scheduled cuts to keep the integrity of your hair!

The soft, ashy tones complement the jewel-toned peekaboos to create a soft blend for heart faces. The side bangs are a key element of this cut. This fringe is perfect for heart-shaped faces because it starts by balancing out the widest part of the face while it can draw attention toward the eye and flattering the cheekbone. On the other hand, it softens the structures and features of a square-shaped face, as well.

This face-framing, fringey lob is for a sharp heart face. Go shorter and add some texture for maximum volume and movement. This cut is great for thick-haired girls. It has a lot of hidden interior layers that help push your hair up for volume and take out some weight. The ends are textured, and of course, a cool, wispy fringe was added!

This short to medium textured bob has lots of versatility that the texture brings out, whether it is styled straight or curly. This cut complements the shape of a heart face along with a slightly wavy natural texture.

This modern and popular haircut worked really well with women with some natural wave to their very thick hair. Add a ton of texture without jeopardizing the foundation of the haircut. If you have fine/straight hair, a similar haircut is achievable but will need to be catered to that hair type.

These long layers are a beautiful mix of classy and bohemian. The most important step before you do a haircut is to analyze the heart shape of your face. This is vital in order to emphasize some features more and soften others to make the face closer to perfect proportion with the haircut.

The layers have to complement each other and create a nice blending frame around the face. Overtexturizing can be a huge problem, just as much as a total blunt cut. You have to find the perfect combination. Ask for a deep-point haircutting technique on your hair. They create hidden layers under the characteristic dominant layers. This is a great way to lighten heavy curly hair.

Try Hot Off The Press by Paul Mitchell. It gives you thermal protection and works as a hairspray. It will protect your hair from the heat of the iron and also make each curl last all day. Unlike a heart-shaped face, this deep side style will not look good on shapes that are wider at the bottom part of their face as it will only create more width in this area.

Try long hair with a center part for a heart face shape. The center part draws interest to the center, maximizing your beauty. Long hair works best on younger women with heart-shaped faces and healthier hair strands of medium density. Lengthy hair takes some maintenance, so make sure you are willing to take the time to wash and blow out your beautiful mane.

"A deep side part brings emphasis to Ashley Greene's cheekbones and opens her face up," says Gibson, who works with the Twilight actress. Finish with a flexible-hold hair spray, like Fekkai Sheer Hold Hairspray, to make your strands look just as lustrous.

If you want blunt bangs, be sure to discuss their width with your stylist. Jennifer Lawrence nailed it by cutting her bangs at her brows and blending them with wispy layers in the front. "You don't want to widen heart-shaped faces any more," Gibson says. "If you keep the bangs slightly narrower, you'll notice the cheekbones, but they won't be so pronounced."

Much like a deep side part, Eva Longoria's layers highlight facial features that could be dragged down by longer strands. Gibson suggests coaxing the layers in toward the face with a round brush or flatiron, rather than flipping them out, to keep them looking modern. This style is best for fine to medium hair, but those with thicker hair can ask their stylist to reduce extra bulk using blending shears.

Jessica Stroup's sleek crop looks sophisticated and stylish, but it's not for the shy. "If you have a heart-shaped face and aren't afraid to show it off, then this is for you," Gibson says, who added that it might bring unwanted attention to particularly pointy chins. Use a flatiron, like the T3 SinglePass Professional Straightening and Styling Iron, to smooth the hair and finish with a texturizing cream (Gibson loves L'Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert Architexture Matte Defining Paste).

Gibson describes this length as "so freaking hot [he] can't even stand it." The style is great for women with thinner strands, Gibson says. "When you raise the hair to this length, it adds fullness." But on other hair types, the shape can mushroom. "Women with thick or coarse hair should avoid it, unless they're going to get a keratin treatment," Gibson says. To get Dianna Agron's waves, wrap small sections of hair around a one-inch curling iron and finish with a texture cream, like Ted Gibson Tame It Shine Lotion.

You can create this hairstyle for heart-shaped faces whether you have long or shoulder-length hair. Add blunt bangs and blow-dry them straight so they frame your face well. And to draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones rather than your forehead, keep your blunt bangs at eyebrow level.

Aside from helping disguise a bad hair day, a hat can also frame a heart-shaped face (and other long face shapes). Make your look casual and street-chic by going for hats with downward brims like cloche and bucket hats.

Let a medium bob flatter your heart-shaped face by blow-drying and brushing the underside of your hair with a round brush. Meanwhile, side bangs help give balance to your face shape. Finish by putting on a beret to add oomph to your whole look.

A bouncy pixie cut is also one of the best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces. As most of the hair can be found at the top of your head, the bangs cover your forehead while showing off your gorgeous cheeks and jawline.

This long, choppy bob is definitely a winner because it frames your face and accentuates your cheekbones. The layers at the tip of your hair soften your slightly pointy chin, so go ahead and wear this bob hairstyle for heart-shaped faces.

There are so many hairstyles that you can choose from. The best hairstyles for heart-shaped faces can even be combined to create an even newer look, so feel free to experiment. And most importantly, have fun!

Amp up the volume on your curls and frame your face with shorter layers. This is one of our top heart shaped face hairstyles for curly haired girls in particular because they show off your texture, all the while keeping your hair off your face.

The perfect example of a woman with a heart-shaped face is the actress Reese Witherspoon. If you are not sure you have a heart-shaped face, take a look at her and check out if the forms are similar. Heart-shaped faces are wider on top and thinner on the bottom.

However, in order to look fantastic, you need to know exactly which hairstyle looks good on you and which one is absolutely wrong. We prepared a list of 70 hairstyles that perfectly suit girls with heart face types. Take a look!


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