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CrashTestBillyfullcrackFULL: A Review of the Game

Do you like building things and testing them out? Do you enjoy watching things fly, crash, and explode? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be interested in a game called Crash Test Billy Full Full. This is a casual simulation game where you have to help Billy, a crash test dummy, reach the checkpoint by creating a suitable vehicle using a variety of different parts. Sounds fun, right? Well, not so fast. In this article, we will review the game and see if it is worth your time and money.

What is Crash Test Billy Full Full?

Crash Test Billy Full Full is a game developed and published by SP Digital Arts Inc., a one-man team. It was released on Steam as an Early Access game on August 18, 2017. The game contains two game modes, Mission mode and Sandbox mode. Mission mode currently has 9 missions where the objective is to get the crash test dummy, Billy, to the checkpoint. To get to the checkpoint you have to overcome certain obstacles, such as jump over a wall, fly up to an elevated platform, fit through a small opening and so on. Sandbox mode is still a work in progress, but it allows you to create your own scenarios and test them out.

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How do you play Crash Test Billy Full Full?

The game has a simple and intuitive interface. You can drag and drop different parts from the inventory to the vehicle editor. You can also rotate, scale, and delete parts as you wish. You can choose from various types of parts, such as wheels, engines, wings, rockets, springs, balloons, and more. You can also adjust the properties of each part, such as power, torque, friction, mass, and so on. Once you are satisfied with your vehicle design, you can press the play button and watch Billy drive or fly towards the checkpoint. You can also control Billy's movement using the arrow keys or the WASD keys.

What are the pros and cons of Crash Test Billy Full Full?

The game has some positive aspects that make it enjoyable and fun. For example:

  • The game has a lot of potential for creativity and experimentation. You can try out different combinations of parts and see how they affect Billy's performance. You can also modify the existing missions or create your own ones in Sandbox mode.

  • The game has a humorous and cartoonish style that adds to its charm. The graphics are colorful and bright, and the animations are smooth and realistic. The physics engine is also well-implemented and realistic.

  • The game is challenging and rewarding. Some of the missions are quite difficult and require careful planning and testing. You have to consider factors such as speed, balance, stability, aerodynamics, gravity, and so on. When you manage to complete a mission successfully, you feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

However, the game also has some negative aspects that make it frustrating and disappointing. For example:

  • The game is incomplete and buggy. The game is still in Early Access stage, which means it is not finished and may change further. The developer states that he plans to add sound, more missions, more parts, and more features in the future. However, as of now, the game has no sound at all, which makes it feel dull and lifeless. The game also has many bugs and glitches that affect its gameplay. For example, sometimes Billy gets stuck in the terrain or falls through it; sometimes parts disappear or behave erratically; sometimes the game crashes or freezes.

  • The game is expensive and risky. The game costs $9.99 on Steam, which is quite high for an unfinished and buggy game. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the developer will deliver on his promises or update the game regularly. The developer states that he is a one-man team and this is his first release. He also states that he needs feedback from the community to complete the game. However, there is not much activity or communication from him or the community on the Steam page or elsewhere. The last update was on September 5th 2017, which was almost six years ago.

  • The game is illegal and unethical. The game is available for download on some websites that claim to offer it for free with a crack . However, this is a pirated version of the game that violates the intellectual property rights of the developer and the Steam platform. Moreover, downloading such a version may expose your computer to viruses, malware, or other harmful software. Furthermore, supporting such websites may encourage them to continue their illegal and unethical practices.


In conclusion, Crash Test Billy Full Full is a game that has some fun and interesting elements, but also some serious flaws and drawbacks. The game is incomplete, buggy, expensive, risky, illegal, and unethical. Therefore, we do not recommend you to buy or download this game. Instead, we suggest you to look for other games that are similar but better in quality and value. For example, you can try out games like Besiege, Kerbal Space Program, Scrap Mechanic, or Trailmakers. These are games that also involve building and testing vehicles, but they are more polished, updated, affordable, legal, and ethical.




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