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Vaital Vcop2 Play Online Game

The game features three levels through which the player's movement is automated on a predetermined path. However, unlike the first Virtua Cop, at certain points the player picks their route from two possible choices.[6] It is the player's job to shoot the criminals that appear before time runs out and they shoot back, while taking care not to shoot any innocent bystanders. Along the way there are various objects in the background that can be broken if shot, some of which will reveal power ups afterwards.[7] As with the first Virtua Cop, players earn extra points for "justice shots", meaning shooting an enemy's gun hand to disarm them without killing them.[8] By consistently defeating enemies without taking hits or shooting hostages, the player increases the multiplier which is applied every time they earn points.[9] At the end of each level there is a boss battle, as well as one extra final boss battle after all three levels have been finished.

vaital vcop2 play online game


Reviewing the arcade version, a Next Generation critic commented that "the action, enemies, variation of levels and backgrounds, and the fun are all so improved over Virtua Cop 1, and in all the right places, that no other laser-gun shooter comes close to it right now." He especially praised the high frame rate, the level design, the need for skilled aiming, and the way the game is paced such that bouts of intense shootouts with "multitudes of terrorists" are broken by short pauses to give the player a breather.[17]

As with the original Virtua Cop, the Saturn version of Virtua Cop 2 received positive reviews for its fun gameplay[15][16][18][19][21] and close translation of the arcade version,[15][16][18][19][21] while being criticized as too lacking in longevity for a home console game.[15][21] However, some critics, rather than complaining about the longevity, noted that while it takes about the same amount of time to complete a single playthrough as in the original, the game is much longer than the first Virtua Cop when taking into account all the different level branches.[16][19]

Reviews generally hailed the game as a considerable improvement over the already impressive original, due to its more interactive environments[18][19] and higher intensity, especially in the chase scenes.[15][16][18][19][21] Next Generation elaborated, "Taking the game one step closer to the feel of a big budget action movie, Virtua Cop 2 seems to have more 'movement' to it. ... Whether chasing down an armored car while picking off bad guys hanging out the window, or dodging bullets in a speeding subway train, this game is just short of being described as a roller coaster ride by some hack movie critic in the Midwest and even closer to being described as an 'edge of your seat thriller' by this reviewer on the West coast."[18] GamePro had a somewhat more tempered response, arguing that one can still quickly memorize the game, making repeat plays increasingly routine. They concluded, "For lightgun fans, VC2's a solid buy. Otherwise, its short-lived but frenzied fun makes for a top Saturn rental."[21]

Virtua Cop 2 follows the lives of three officers and their exploits in the field of crime fighting. You can only play this game with up to two players, though. The graphics in this game easily surpasses those of the original Virtua Cop. Instead of gangsters who look like they are all related, there are many different kinds enemies, including soldiers, the cargo loader from Aliens, and even George Michael (well, someone who looks like him anyway). These characters know their parts well and always get to their entrances on time. They even fall off buildings and crash through conveniently placed wooden crates.

A welcome new feature in Virtua Cop 2 is the ability to choose between two different paths per level. Similar to House of The Dead, this adds considerably replayability to the game, although the levels in Virtua Cop 2 are disappointingly short and the alternate paths aren't too different (they converge towards the end of each level anyway so you can meet the 'boss' enemy).

Overall, I find Virtua Cop 2 to be fun and entertaining while it lasts, although the replayability could have been much better. Games like this are fine in the arcades, where you can spend a dollar for a few games and then walk away. Here, you're being asked to spend forty dollars (well, zero now, since SEGA has long discontinued the PC version) for a game that has only three levels.

Although the graphics is excellent and the game has a good feel to it even when played with a mouse, Virtua Cop 2 isn't really worthy of our Top Dog tag due to the game's brevity and repetitive gameplay. If you like rail shooters, House of the Dead series offer much more value for your gaming time.

I love Virtua Cop, but Virtua Cop 2 is where it is really at. Funny story here, I grew up in the UK and we had this video game TV show called GamesMaster that aired in the 90s, it was awesome. Well, one episode had this dude he was the best Virtua Cop 2 player in the world, he was so good that he was able to play on two machines at once. So, once you have read this review, been inspired to play Virtua Cop 2 go and watch that dude play two machines at once!

The core gameplay of Virtua Cop 2 has not really undergone any changes. That is not a bad thing as I felt that Sega really nailed it with the first game. You once again, need to shoot bad guys to progress through the stages. You can also once again, disarm them instead of killing them for a really cool bonus. You can select what mission/level you want to do from a choice of three. Once you have beaten these, you then have one final boss battle that you need to do in order to beat the game.

What I feel makes this a better game than the first is the fact that you now have choices to make as you play. During gameplay, you will be given the option of what way you want to go. This not only makes things much more exciting, but it also gives you an incentive to go back and play the game multiple times so that you can see all the different areas that the game has to offer.You once again have a small number of lives and you can earn more by getting bonuses as you play. Bonuses can also be more powerful weapons that you can use to put those bad guys in their pace

I love the original game, but I have to be honest and say that Virtua Cop 2 is the better game. The overall presentation of the game is better, it feels a bit more fast-paced and I like how there is more to the game overall. It is a shallow experience, but it is always a fun time, no matter how many times you play through it. If you have a Sega Saturn, then 100 percent, this is a game that has to be in your collection.

Proceed through the different levels shooting all kinds of criminals and going through extreme shootings. Since this game started up on arcade machines, there are some trade-offs when it comes to playing it at home. For instance the lack of a game cage or screen with gun-like controls. In an arcade, you could just aim with the special controllers at the screen and pull the triggers. Of course, the best thing about having it on your own PC would be having it at home to play whenever you want.

This game took everything that made the first game great to the next level. The animations and visuals are improved, and the overall map-design is much better. There are even bosses at the end of each level, and once you finish all the levels you'll have to face a final boss. The game is a nice experience on PC, but it certainly is much better if you get to play it on the original arcade machine.

Gameplay: As we mentioned before, the game experience is far superior when you get to play it on an arcade machine. But it's not terrible playing it on PC, instead of aiming with a gun to the screen, you move your mouse and shoot. It can be more precise too. In each level, there are about two different paths to choose from so you can explore the levels more diversely. It adds a little replayability to the game,

Before the Dreamcast was released, much speculation was made about whether Sega would release a "Sega Ages" collection chock-full of Model 2 classics. After all, Sega's 128-Bit monster had specs that surpassed even the Model 3 board. While we wait for VF2, both Gunblades, Daytona and Rally, Sega offers us an updated Virtua Cop 2. There's a little good news, and a lot of bad news. The good news is that we now have another game that uses our dusty DC light guns. Unfortunately, VC2 is a disappointing port of the PC port of the Saturn version. That's right, VC2 is a PC port. Sure, the graphics have been touched up a bit from the PC game (mainly texture quality and frame-rate), but not much else has been enhanced. If you've never played VC2 before, go check out this game--in an arcade. VC2 is out now in japan.

Conflict: Desert Storm is an Action, Tactical, Third-person Shooter, Single and Multiplayer video game created by Pivotal Games and published by SCi Games. It is the first game in the series of Conflict video game. In the game, the player can control a team consists of four soldiers of special forces either in the United States Army Delta Force or the British Armed Forces. Each soldier in the team has a set of special weapons such as machine gun, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and demolitions. According to the plot, Iraq launches an attack on Kuwait on 2 August 1990. During the attack, the sniper Paul Foley is captured by against army while his companion is slaughtered. You can get into the role of the protagonist who is a soldier named as John Bradley, is sent to the captured soldier Foley and complete a variety of missions of demolishing the bridge. Navigate the environment from a third-person perspective and move freely. Your character equips with a set of weapons that can be used to kill the enemies. The game features a map to guide you during gameplay. Conflict: Desert Storm offers prominent features, smooth gameplay, and well-written story, Conflict: Desert Storm is the best game to play.


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