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The Long Dark Logging Camp Trailer Key

If you find the note inside one of the cabins on the Mystery Lake, then it will lead you right to the Clearcut. It is the location at the crossroads to the Forestry Lookout to the west, the road to the logging camp, and back to the train tracks to the east.

the long dark logging camp trailer key

Long Pine Key campground was a great location to explore the park. It was close enough to the Homestead entrance that a drive to Shark Valley Visitor Center and trail was just over an hour away and the Flamingo area was about 40 minutes away. The site we had was very nice. The length of the concrete pad seemed quite a bit shorter than the advertised size of the site, but our 30 foot trailer fit nicely in the pad for 38-47 foot. If we had a bigger rig, we would not have fit on the pad. However, you weren't required to stay on the pad, so larger rigs were able to arrange their setup to fit the site. Our site had a lot of grass on both sides of the pad, and the grass was well mowed. The sites seemed to be pretty well isolated from each other by the foliage. Our site was in one of the loops, so it was a lot more private than the sites along the perimeter road. The restrooms were clean, but the showers had water that was heated with solar, so if it's chilly and cloudy, you won't get a warm shower. The staff was very friendly and helpful upon check-in; and they let us know they had bug spray, firewood and ice for sale. The dumpsters were pretty full all three nights we were there and we were told they would be emptied the day we were leaving. Generators can only be used from 8AM - 8PM, and the staff was great about ensuring everyone was able to enjoy the night sounds. We had a huge owl visit on our first night there, but other than birds, we didn't see any other wildlife in the campground.

Long Pine Key is one of two campgrounds inside Everglades National Park. None of the sites in Long Pine have electricity, but it's more peaceful and centrally located than Flamingo an hour down the road. Administered by a contractor, they only give 10% senior pass discount. You do not get to reserve a specific site.The sites are lovely although many of the concrete pads are quite short and on the wrong side for a trailer. Had we known that they don't care that you stay on the pad, we would have arranged ourselves differently. That said, we had a wonderful week exploring the park and taking advantage of ranger led activities.

The biggest attractions here are the waterfall on Sarvis Creek and the remnants of an old logging camp. However, the mountains can be anywhere from 7,000 to over 10,000 feet, so expect snow and unplowed roads during the winter months. If you are looking for free camping in Colorado, Sarvis Creek Wilderness is a great place to try.

Effective Feb. 1, 2018, gift cards are no longer available for purchase. Gift cards may only be used to make reservations for camping and cabins at Florida State Parks; however, a few exceptions apply. Those exceptions are:

A new camping loop, called the Bayview Campground, will be created on the site of the former boat trailer parking area. Campers will enjoy a scenic view over the waters of St. Joseph Bay. Approximately 19 standard-facility campsites will surround an area of natural scrubby flatwoods with a footpath to a bathhouse.

To the Front of a Trailer:(This statement is not taken directly from the CVC.) A load can extend off the front of a trailer with no length limitation as long as it does not interfere with the safe operation of the tractor, e.g. air hoses, turning movements, etc.




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