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Go To Town 6 Mod APK - Drive, Fly, and Fight in the City

METRO transports more than five million passengers annually to work, to school, to medical appointments and to some of the best places in town. Make sure you take advantage of our many different services. METRO is here to help you get where you need to go, however you need to get there.

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All content in Travel Town revolves around puzzle levels, specifically merging. Accordingly, you need to merge the same icons on the screen to be able to collect new items and new buildings to develop the town. From low-level items, you will gradually create more advanced items until you get the best objects.

The objects play an important role in the restoration and development of the tourist town. Therefore, Travel Town brings more than 500 different objects waiting for players to discover. You can find familiar tools for the construction process such as shovels and paints for excavators. At the same time, household items such as tables, chairs, cabinets, and more are poised to transform complete apartments and shops. The more levels you pass, the more chances you will have to find new items.

Travel Town is a matching game that opens the journey to develop a tourist town with a simple and uncharacteristic situation. Players will unlock locations when they reach a certain level and help them swap with new buildings. At the same time, this development will often require a large amount of resources and money, so inevitably any player will have to participate in the merger levels. Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items as you travel the world!

For those of us who really struggle to choose a farm type when starting a new farm, Farm Extended gives the standard farm benefits of all the specialty farms. The extended farm features dedicated areas for fishing, foraging, and mining as well as fenced areas designed to keep animals from escaping. Modder Forkmaster also added a minecart stop behind the farmhouse for quick travel to other parts of town directly from home.

Custom Warps adds a menu to Stardew Valley where you can set and travel to any tile on the game map. It's a cheesy solution to the problem of walking or riding around town, but a cool mod nevertheless!

Although it's tempting to place in the area all the facilities you need to finish the challenge, it's easier to just have them at the area's border/edge and connect them to the rest of your town. It's advisable to run Bonsai Festival (increases Research Point generation), or UFO Symposium (increases facility usage) and Book Festival (increases facility product prices), depending on the nature of the goal.

4. IIRC, by leveling up your Battle Stages, you can earn some Diggers (required to raise your town rank above Rank 30, each Digger increases the rank cap by 10) and at least one facility (notably the Golf Training Center, whose facility bonus is the Black Convertible - the best Expressway-only vehicle in the game at +13 Range)

Just then, Red Key employee Adwin Charu approached the sandcrawler. Vanth conversed with Charu and helped the man find valuable equipment on the vehicle. When Charu found the armor and wished to take it for himself, Vanth injured Charu, leaving him alive to send a message to his boss Lorgan Movellan. Vanth returned to town and single-handedly drove away the Collective, assuming the role of mayor and protector of Mos Pelgo.

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As sheriff and mayor of Mos Pelgo, which was eventually renamed Freetown, Vanth led the residents in defying the Red Key Raiders. In 5 ABY, he rescued the beastmaster Malakili from a pair of raiders. Vanth recruited the beastmaster to tend to some rontos in Freetown and an infant Hutt which had been acquired from the Red Key Raiders.

Sometime later, the Red Key attacked and captured Freetown, overpowering the residents. Movellan confronted Vanth, both questioning each other's motives on Tatooine. The Hutt was then brought out with Malakili, and it gave a shriek, signaling Tusken Raider reinforcements against the Red Key Raiders. Vanth then carved a message onto Movellan for the crime boss's superiors.

By 9 ABY, Vanth still led and defended the town, including battling Tusken Raiders who raided their village multiple times. At one point, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin came to town searching for a fellow Mandalorian. Vanth agreed to give Djarin his armor in exchange for helping him kill a krayt dragon that lived nearby. Vanth and Djarin allied themselves with a local group of Tusken Raiders as well as the people of Mos Pelgo and succeeded in defeating the beast, after which Vanth gave Djarin the armor and parted ways with him.

Later, when the Pyke Syndicate was attempting to absorb Tatooine into their spice trade, Vanth killed three Pykes who were trying to smuggle spice in his territory. A single survivor was allowed to escape in his landspeeder. Shortly following this, Vanth was visited by Djarin, who asked him to assist Daimyo Boba Fett in his war against the Pykes. After Djarin left, Vanth was shot by Cad Bane, who told the inhabitants of Freetown that if the spice trade continued, they would remain unharmed. Following a battle, the Pykes were repelled from the planet, and Vanth received treatment for his wounds by a modifier.

Cobb Vanth lived on the desert planet of Tatooine his whole life[1] and was once a slave, having a star-shaped mark carved onto his back as a sign of ownership, but eventually became free[6] and came to be the sheriff of the town Mos Pelgo. The death of Jabba the Hutt[3] and end of the Galactic Empire's occupation of Tatooine[1] in 4 ABY[7] led to a power struggle on the planet, and the[3] Red Key Raiders,[8] a crime syndicate led by the Weequay Lorgan Movellan that operated under the guise of a legitimate mining company, began to establish itself on the planet.[3]

While Vanth was still in the sandcrawler, Adwin Charu, a representative of the Red Key sent by Movellan, arrived to barter with the Jawa scavengers for droids, weapons and mining equipment. Greeting Charu, Vanth identified the representative as an off-worlder. After Adwin asked how Vanth knew, the sheriff told the Red Key employee that he looked too clean and did not know that the Jawas worked on rapport. Charu insisted that he did not have time to build rapport with Jawas and expressed the thought of visiting Mos Pelgo instead. Vanth agreed that the town or the[3] spaceport city[11] Mos Espa could help, and Charu attempted to leave. However, Vanth stopped the representative and decided to vouch for him to the Jawas.[3]

By the year 5 ABY,[13] Vanth was the de-facto mayor of Mos Pelgo, since renamed Freetown, where residents took a stand against the Red Key Raiders. The Red Key attempted to smuggle an infant Hutt into the palace dias at Freetown, but were stopped by Vanth, who acquired the young Hutt. One day, Malakili, the former beastmaster of the late Jabba the Hutt, was robbed by two Red Key thugs on his way to Freetown. Vanth, though, arrived with his Twi'lek companion Issa-Or and fired on the gangsters, quickly killing them.[8]

Vanth and Issa-Or allowed Malakili to get up and claimed they were the law, both of them introducing themselves and Freetown to the beastmaster. Vanth recognized Malakili, but the beastmaster claimed that he was no one and was still mourning the death of his rancor Pateesa. Learning of Malakili's trade, the sheriff invited the beastmaster to live in Freetown as an animal trainer for the young Hutt and some resident rontos. Malakili took the offer, and Vanth and Issa-Or left for Freetown with the beastmaster.[8]

Although Freetown came to conflict with Tusken Raiders,[1] Vanth, with the assistance of Malakili, struck a deal with the raiders to help protect Freetown by giving them water and a pearl from a krayt dragon's belly. The Tuskens regarded Freetown as a sacred place and respected the fact that they had a Hutt, which was since named Borgo. Movellan, however, led an attack on Freetown. Vanth and the residents were overpowered by the Red Key criminals, some being killed in the fighting. Upon the occupation, Movellan had two raiders, the Gran Yimug and the Rodian Gweeska, bring the cuffed sheriff before him. As Vanth was brought forward, he was thrown to the ground by the Yimug and Gweeska kicked him, the other Red Key Raiders cheering around them.[6]

Movellan mocked Vanth's Mandalorian armor and ordered Yimug and Gweeska to remove the sheriff's helmet. Lorgan then acknowledged Vanth for being a hindrance to the Red Key, Vanth bragging that it had brought the crime boss to Freetown, and inquired on the Vanth's intentions. After the sheriff expressed his desire for freedom, Lorgan discovered Vanth's slave mark. When Vanth asked what Movellan wanted on Tatooine, the Weequay revealed that he wished to enslave the town's population, exploit Tatooine for its dilarium oil and silicax oxalate, and sell Borgo to the Hutts.[6]

Movellan ordered two more raiders, the Ithorian Vommb and the brute woman Trayness, to bring forth the young Hutt and Malakili. After Lorgan taunted Vanth a final time, the sheriff returned his own remark and signaled to Malakili, who gave an order to Borgo. As the the crime boss had Trayness club the beastmaster, the Hutt gave out a shriek. This alerted Tusken Raider reinforcements to Freetown, which attacked the Red Key Raiders. As fighting broke out in the town between the raiders and the Tuskens, Vanth freed himself from his cuffs with the help of Malakili and attacked Movellan, disarming the crime boss and bringing him to the ground.[6]

After Vanth told Movellan of his deal with the Tuskens, the Weequay tried to intimidate Vanth by threatening to bring his masters to wipe out the town. Undaunted by Movellan's threats, the sheriff told Lorgan that the crime boss did not know who Vanth really was. Despite knowing that he had incurred the wrath of Red Key, the sheriff stated that he was ready to die in the service of protecting Freetown and keeping criminal elements away from Tatooine. As a parting insult to the defeated crime boss, Vanth proceeded to carve a message onto Movellan's face.[6]




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