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Live 808 Download: How to Get the Best 808 Samples for Your Music Production

Live 808 Download: How to Get and Use the Iconic Bass Sound

If you're a music producer, chances are you've heard of the 808 sound. It's one of the most popular and influential sounds in modern music, especially in genres like hip hop, trap, pop, EDM, and more. But what is live 808 exactly, and how can you get and use it in your own music production?

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In this article, we'll explain what live 808 is, where it came from, and why it's so appealing. We'll also show you how to download live 808 samples and plugins, and how to use them effectively in your music production. Whether you want to create booming basslines, punchy drums, or atmospheric pads, live 808 can help you achieve your sonic goals.

What is Live 808?

Live 808 is a term that refers to the use of electronic percussion samples that originate from the Roland TR-808 drum machine. The TR-808 was a programmable drum machine that was released in 1980 and featured synthetic sounds that were meant to emulate real drums. However, the sounds were not very realistic and were initially considered too weak and artificial for mainstream music.

However, some producers saw the potential of the TR-808 sounds and started using them creatively in their music. The most famous example is Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing", which was the first big pop hit that featured the TR-808 sounds. Since then, the TR-808 sounds have been used extensively in various genres of music, especially in hip hop and dance music.

The origin and evolution of the 808 sound

The TR-808 drum machine had 16 different sounds: kick, snare, low tom, mid tom, hi tom, clap, cowbell, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, low conga, mid conga, hi conga, clave, rimshot, maracas, and cymbal. Each sound was generated by analog circuitry that used static noise to electronically recreate the strike of a beater and resonating drum head.

The most distinctive sound of the TR-808 was the bass drum sound, which had a punchy attack and a long decay that could be adjusted by a knob. This sound could also be tuned to different pitches by another knob. By tuning the bass drum sound to low frequencies, producers could create sub-bass sounds that could rattle speakers and shake club walls.

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The bass drum sound became known as the "808 bass" or simply "808", and it became one of the most sought-after sounds in music production. The 808 bass was used extensively in hip hop music by producers like Rick Rubin, Afrika Bambaataa, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Kanye West, and many more. It was also used in other genres like techno, house, trap, pop, R&B, and more.

Over time, the original 808 bass sound was modified and enhanced by various techniques such as distortion, compression, filtering, pitch bending, gliding, layering, etc. Producers also created their own versions of the 808 bass sound by using samples or synthesis. Today, there are hundreds of different variations of the 808 bass sound available online.

The characteristics and benefits of the 808 sound

The 808 sound has several characteristics that make it appealing for music production. Some of these are:

  • It has a fat and warm tone that fills up the low-end spectrum.

  • It has a punch It has a punchy and dynamic attack that cuts through the mix.

  • It has a long and smooth decay that creates a sense of movement and groove.

  • It can be tuned to different pitches to create melodies and harmonies.

  • It can be processed and manipulated to create different textures and effects.

The 808 sound also has several benefits for music production. Some of these are:

  • It adds power and energy to your tracks.

  • It creates a strong connection with the listeners' emotions and physical sensations.

  • It enhances the rhythm and groove of your tracks.

  • It complements and contrasts with other sounds in your tracks.

  • It gives your tracks a modern and professional sound.

How to Download Live 808 Samples and Plugins

If you want to use live 808 sounds in your music production, you have two main options: samples and plugins. Samples are audio files that contain recordings of the 808 sounds, while plugins are software instruments that generate the 808 sounds synthetically. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs and preferences.

The best free and paid sources for 808 samples

There are many sources online where you can download live 808 samples, both for free and for a fee. Some of the best ones are:




A collection of over 200 high-quality 808 samples, including kicks, snares, claps, hi-hats, toms, cymbals, percussion, and FX.


A collection of over 400 808 samples that have been recorded on analog tape machines for extra warmth and character.


A subscription-based service that gives you access to thousands of 808 samples from various artists, labels, and genres.


A collection of over 500 808 samples that have been processed and mastered for maximum impact and quality.


A collection of over 4000 808 samples that have been recorded from the original TR-808 drum machine using various techniques and equipment.


The best free and paid plugins for 808 synthesis and processing

If you prefer to use plugins for live 808 sounds, there are also many options online that you can download, both for free and for a fee. Some of the best ones are:




A plugin that emulates the Roland SH-101 synthesizer, which can create fat and warm 808 bass sounds with its analog-style oscillator, filter, envelope, and LFO.


A plugin that emulates the Roland TR-808 drum machine, which can generate all the original 808 sounds with high accuracy and flexibility.


A plugin that is a powerful wavetable synthesizer, which can create complex and rich 808 sounds with its advanced modulation, filtering, effects, and wavetable editing features.


A plugin that is a high-quality bit crusher, which can add grit and character to your 808 sounds by simulating the sound of vintage samplers and digital audio converters.

$55A plugin that is a dedicated sub-bass synthesizer, which can create powerful and deep 808 sounds with its sub-oscillator, sampler, synth engine, distortion, compressor, and filter.


How to Use Live 808 in Your Music Production

Once you have downloaded your live 808 samples or plugins, you can start using them in your music production. However, there are some tips and tricks that you should know to get the best results from your live 808 sounds. Here are some of them:

How to tune, pitch bend, and glide your 808s

One of the most important things to do when using live 808 sounds is to tune them properly. This means that you should match the pitch of your 808 sounds to the key of your song. This will ensure that your 808 sounds are in harmony with the rest of your track and avoid any dissonance or clash.

To tune your 808 sounds, you can use a tuner plugin or a spectrum analyzer to check the frequency of your 808 sounds. Alternatively, you can use your ears and compare y




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