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Reolink HD IP Security Camera €? Review

Setting up Reolink cameras to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant is different than you might expect from smart security cameras. Instead of previewing the video stream in the Alexa or Google Home apps, you need to view it on a smart display like Echo Show, Nest Hub, or a Chromecast. You do this by asking Alexa or Google to show a camera on the compatible display.

Reolink HD IP Security Camera – Review

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The video star of the Reolink cameras we tested is the E1 Zoom. It has a maximum resolution of 1920p (commonly called 5MP), which offers more detail than 2K security cameras like the Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Arlo Pro 4. It's nowhere near the quality of 2160p (4K), but few Wi-Fi security cameras can match it.

All of the Reolink cameras in this review have infrared night vision, but the Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Lumus both have bright spotlights that allow them to record color video at night. The Argus 3 Pro's spotlight is a little brighter, but the color night vision on both cameras does well at near to medium ranges from each camera.

Battery-powered Reolink cameras don't have a specific battery life since this changes based on environmental conditions and activity levels. The company estimates that Reolink Argus 3 Pro and Reolink Go last up to one month on a full charge during normal usage (which aligns with our experience testing wire-free security cameras). It's a good idea to use a power cable or solar panel to keep your cameras running.

Among the Reolink cameras in this review, the Argus 3 Pro has the widest field of view at 122º, so it can see more of a given space. This pairs well with the camera's 1440p (2K) video to produce top-tier video quality. We wish the field of view were a little wider since most wireless cameras average around 130º, and many go even wider (160º on Arlo Pro 4), but it's good enough for most folks.

Even though the Reolink E1 Zoom sits between the Lumus and Argus 3 Pro on price, it has the best video quality of any Reolink camera we tested. Part of this is down to the camera's impressive 1920p video resolution, but the rest comes down to the E1 Zoom's superior frame rate and optical zoom. It has some of the best video quality we've ever seen on a security camera, let alone one that costs under $100.

The Reolink Lumus is almost like a "lite" version of the Argus. It doesn't have a battery and has a narrower field of view but provides crisp video indoors and outdoors for about half the price. Compared to other budget outdoor security cameras, we think Wyze and ZOSI are the only brands that perform just as well or better for a lower price.

On the whole, the Reolink Lumus is a cheap security camera with a lot of potential indoors and outdoors. Its power cable makes it a little trickier to use outdoors than the battery-powered Wyze Cam Outdoor, but an affordable spotlight cam is hard to pass up.

The Reolink Go Plus is a special breed of security camera that foregoes Wi-Fi in favor of 4G LTE cellular data. This means it works far outside the range of a normal wireless camera, making it perfect for off-grid houses and cabins that don't have internet access but still have a cell signal. The closest competitor to this camera is the Arlo Go 2, but slightly more expensive and has a lower video resolution.

Reolink Go Plus is weatherproof but also comes with a camouflage-color silicone cover for extra protection. It also includes a strap to mount on trees without using screws (though the solar panel mount still requires screws). Overall, Reolink Go Plus is the best LTE security camera on the market, thanks to its relatively affordable price and great video quality.

As far as we can tell, there aren't any other retail security cameras like the Reolink Go PT, which adds pan-tilt motors to the original Reolink Go. It's about as expensive as the Reolink Go Plus, but its battery is smaller and non-removable, so there's a trade-off for the ability to point it wherever you need it.

See how Reolink compares on our wireless camera review, and stay tuned for future updates on that page as we test and review more security camera brands. For our thoughts on an older Reolink model, head over to our Reolink Argus 2 review.

Based on our experiences testing these cameras, we can say that Reolink cameras are good enough to match wireless camera brands like Arlo, Nest, Ring, and Wyze. They're some of our new favorites for mid-priced security cameras.

We tested all four Reolink cameras featured in this review to learn about their video quality, mobile app controls, recording settings, and installation. This is only a small selection of Reolink's overall lineup, but we chose these cameras to hopefully give you some insight into how the company approaches different product types.

Oh, but there is one thing to note about placing this camera outdoors: the Argus 2 has a stretchy silicone cover that serves as an extra layer of protection from the elements. We just slipped the cover on, made a few adjustments, and decided our camera now looks like a marshmallow wearing a hat. In some ways, it reminded us of the SimpliCam Outdoor Kit. You can read more about that device in our latest SimpliCam review.

The feature-heavy Argus 3 made clear, to us, that Reolink is swiftly becoming a viable competitor in the security camera space. From the integrated spotlight and battery to the sleek design and superb video resolution, we think this camera handily holds its own among its closest rivals, including Blink camera system.

Pro Tip: Higher resolution is nice, but remember that 1080p, the current HD standard most cameras use, is usually more than adequate for home security. Take a look at our comprehensive security camera buying guide for more tips on camera video quality.

Yes, keep in mind that our Eco is also battery-powered. We knew, from our experience reviewing similar battery-powered models, that outdoor cameras can get tricky when it comes to controlling battery life. Ambient (a prettier word for unpredictable) noise might trigger a camera hundreds, if not thousands of times a day. That excess barrage of alerts is going to run down your battery, probably a lot faster than you want.

We also know that all three of these Reolink cameras fall in or around a mid-range price when stacked next to the top DIY security brands. At $95, we found the Argus 2 to be a fairly good deal for a camera with this much flexibility.

Reolink Innovation Limited. Cision/PRNewsWire. (2020, March 19). Reolink Launches its First-Ever Outdoor WiFi Spotlight Camera, Reolink Lumus, for Brilliant Protection in Every Home. -releases/reolink-launches-its-first-ever-outdoor-wifi-spotlight-camera-reolink-lumus-for-brilliant-protection-in-every-home-301026897.html

\u201cPower over Ethernet\u201d means that the camera needs only one cable connecting it to both the internet and its power source.The major benefit of PoE cameras is that you don\u2019t need extra wiring. But the downfall is that if the single cable is somehow damaged or destroyed, both your power and connectivity can go out." } }, "@type": "Question", "name": "Are Reolink cameras IP cameras?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Yes. Reolink cameras can use wireless networks (internet protocol) to save and share video. But they also use local storage, making them some of the most versatile cameras on the market." , "@type": "Question", "name": "Why should I get a security camera system?", "acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer", "text": "Being able to see your property when you\u2019re not there can make you feel safer! It can keep you safer, too, since you\u2019ll know of any suspicious activity as it happens." ] }] (function(w,d,s,l,i))(window,document,'script','dataLayer','GTM-WG67XFH'); skip to main content Go to AU Edition

To clarify this, we pick up these top rated home security cameras after meticulous market research, including reading the reviews of security camera buyers and the professional reviews written by experts in this field who know how good one security camera is compared to its peers.

To save you tons of time in the search of best home security cameras in Amazon and forums like reddit, here we list the best and top rated home security cameras in 2020 on the market (reviews included).

It is one of the best battery powered home security camera with audio and local storage. Keeping in touch with your family has been so easy thanks to this mini home security camera. And with the SD card slot, you can insert a micro SD card into the camera and record videos onboard.

Due to its 4X optical zoom feature, you are able to identify the small and distant details without losing the image quality. And you can place this IP 66 waterproof security camera indoors or outdoors based on your installation needs.

It is one of the best home security cameras with great night vision, allowing you to see clear images up to 100ft at night. And in the daytime, Reolink RLC-410 delivers 5MP/4MP super clear images and videos.

While it is packed with four higher resolution (4K) wired security cameras and can support up to 8 cameras recording at the same time. You can freely add more PoE security cameras to the system if you need to monitor more areas.

So will the security camera brands offer you professional and instant customer support? Does their warranty and return policy sound reasonable to you? Remember to check out these questions before you blindly place an order.




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